With Milkor’s plans to become an established global leader in the defence industry, and with a growing international presence, the South African company exhibited a broad range of products at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition 2022. Diamond Sponsor of the 2022 edition of the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition.

Known for its proven multi-barrel grenade launchers such as the SuperSix range, Milkor AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher), UBGL (Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher) and new MAR (Multiple Anti-Riot) grenade launchers. These were all featured at the AAD 2022.

Milkor 380 UCAV

In addition, At AAD 2022, Milkor showcased its newly designed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and armoured personnel carriers (APCs) including Milkor 380 medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) UAV, which according to South African-based defenceWeb, can be armed with a vast variety of armaments such as the new X-series precision-guided munition kit from the UAE’s AL TARIQ, HALCON Desert Sting DS-16 lightweight, air-launched precision-guided munitions, and Thales Belgium FZ602 rocket launchers (the FZ602 is a two-tube reusable lightweight launcher).


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Milkor 380 medium-altitude, long endurance UAV
Milkor’s 380 UAV

Milkor 380 medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV has a 18.6 metre wingspan, and is fitted with an L3Harris Wescam MX-15 multispectral electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) turret, and could also be fitted with Thales’ synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for maritime patrol applications, but gimbals of various sizes and weights can be fitted.

The Milkor 380 at AAD 2022 is also being showcased with an Airborne Technologies SCAR (Self-Contained Aerial Reconnaissance) pod which Milkor says is ideal for things like maritime surveillance, especially when used on conjunction with the gimbal. The SCAR pod can be fitted with many different sensors, but at AAD is displayed with a ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) optical radar system.

Milkor’s UAV can be fitted with guided weapons and various payloads to perform multiple operations, such as SAR/ISAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar/Inverted Synthetic Aperture Radar), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), AIS (Automatic Identification System), communications relay, and communications jammer. The airframe includes five hardpoints: two on each wing and one at the centre of the fuselage, with the ability to carry larger systems if needed.

The first prototype is undergoing ground testing and integration with various ammunition using five hardpoints, and the second prototype is currently being manufactured”, says Ghaazim Rylands, CEO of Milkor Integrated Systems, a division of Milkor for manufacture and integration of the Milkor 380 UCAV.

Milkor 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

Also exhibited is an improved variant of the Milkor 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) which was first unveiled at the AAD 2018. The vehicle’s operational capability has been expanded to deployment in the desert with the option of an inline central tyre inflation system and an upgraded cooling package. Multiple electronic sensors and remote-control weapons stations (RCWS), such as a 12.7 mm machinegun option, have been integrated to increase the mission capability, situational awareness, and personnel safety of the vehicle. Milkor also offers an anti-riot version of its APC – the latter was deployed during the July 2021 unrest in South Africa.

Milkor 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
The Milkor 4×4 offers various levels of armouring from B2,

The Milkor 4×4 armoured personnel carrier (APC) has undergone extensive development with Milkor adding various customised options suited for use by Police forces, Gendarmeries and Security groups. The Milkor 4×4 can be equipped with a front mounted scraper that clears away barriers, debris and immobilising objects. Optional roof mounted grenade launchers capable of firing less lethal grenades can deploy tear gas and other less lethal grenades in a 360-degree radius around the vehicle. The Milkor 4×4 offers various levels of armouring from B2, which can withstand a 9mm round, all the way to B7 which can stop armour-piercing and sniper rounds, ensuring occupant safety in various situations. The Milkor 4×4 anti-riot was deployed in the July Unrest experience in large parts of South Africa in 2021.

Milkor IPC (Inshore patrol craft)

Milkor also highlighted its flagship naval vessel, the Milkor IPC (Inshore Patrol Craft) designed for any navy, coast guard or military. “The vessel is a one of a kind in the industry and is built for long endurance missions. Operations of up to five days can easily be accomplished through a unique design and layout that combines crew comfort with operational functionality that is suited for surveillance and potential engagement. Various features and configurations of the Milkor IPC will be on display at AAD 2022 highlighting Milkor’s marine design and manufacturing capabilities,” the company said.

The Milkor IPC (Inshore patrol craft) is a 12m hydrofoil assisted catamaran vessel capable of reaching speeds up to 50kts. With features like 3 sleeping beths and head and shower facilities it enables a crew of 4 to stay comfortable on long endurance missions with the IPC capable of staying active for up to 5 days. The vehicle is fitted with 2x 450hp engines ensuring maximum efficiency while patrolling while also enabling rapid response to emergency situations if needed. The IPC is the ideal vessel for patrolling rivers and coastlines for rapid detection and interception of maritime crimes like human trafficking, contraband smuggling, illegal fishing, illegal immigration and piracy. With a vast array of electronic hardware and software available the IPC can also effectively be used in search and rescue operations.

Milkor showcases expanded Domestic Security Offerings 

According to Milkor, the company has expanded its platforms to offer valuable solutions to Police, Homeland security, Gendarmeries, Coast guards and Security groups in the areas of Less-lethal engagements, anti-riot capabilities and large crowd control situations. Multi-role capabilities are one of the main focus points Milkor uses when developing their platforms, with each platform being able to easily and effectively be customised depending on end user requirements received. This focus means that Milkor is able to use their knowledge obtained from end users currently utilising these platforms and apply it to their platform development. They then adapt and improve on these platforms, enabling them to be used in other defence and security application outside of the initial requirement.