Cyber SecurIty

The rapid growth of Internet connected devices have led to ultimate convenience and opportunities for innovation. Today data is accessible everywhere and for anyone, while cloud-based software platforms allows innovation in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, the growing sophistication and profusion of well funded cybercriminal organisations risks jeopardizing the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution. From e-commerce and online banking to critical infrastructure, the burden to keep systems safe and functioning from cyber risks are immense. The demand for highly skilled Cybersecurity professionals are skyrocketing, but still very few new professionals enter operations each year.

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Milkor recognises the need within defence and law enforcement organisations to integrate Cyber operators, processes and technologies into their existing operations. Our approach is to lead a consultative approach with experienced personnel to provide strategic, tactical and operational support to our clients.

Milkor Cyber offers bespoke Cybersecurity solutions for clients that offer clear competitive advantages in the following areas:

1. Offensive Cyberspace Operations
Offensive Cyberspace operations refers to the software, hardware and specialised skills employed in providing Cyberspace security, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, operational preparation of environment, command and control of unified tactical operations. This includes:
  • Air support
  • Command and control
  • Operator support
  • Signal Intel
  • Offensive Technical Solutions
  • Electronic warfare integration

  • 2. Defensive Cyberspace Operations
    Defensive Cybersecurity refers to the software, hardware and specialised capabilities employed in maintaining national digital sovereignity. This includes:
  • Security Orchestration and Incident Response
  • Video Analytics
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Physical Security Integration
  • IOT/ICS/SCADA Protection

  • 3. Electronic Warfare Solutions
    Electronic Warfare solutions relates to the identification, interception, disruption and monitoring of signals and communications relevant to tactical operations and defense activities. This includes:
  • GPS Hijacking
  • Command and Control solutions
  • Mobile interception and Threat Correlation
  • Operator support
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Securing Human Capital for National Cyber Defence

    In the past, the military was the primary training ground for cyber defenders, while others began in related fields of computer science or information systems management, developing expertise via on-the-job experience, a patchwork of independent courses and self-taught independent learning. Some very talented cyber professionals have been developed in this way but if we are to keep up with growing demands in this highly technical field, dedicated academic degree programs must be made available at undergraduate and graduate level to ensure an ongoing supply of capable resources.

    1. Cyber Academy
    Milkor will work with our host countries to establish a Cybersecurity academy to identify, nurture and develop Cybersecurity skills within the local population. This academy will be used to deliver a curriculum of technical certification and Cybersecurity training to train recruits to fullfil various speciality roles in a Cybersecurity operations centre.

    2. Cyber Range
    Mounting an effective defense in the face of near contant cyber attacks is a challenge for any operations team. The primary challenge lies in ensuring that Cybersecurity personnel remain up to date on the most recent attacks, intrusion methods and countermeasures. A key part of the Milkor solution is a Cyber range: A simulation platform that provides the ability to emulate any type of network architecture and simulate any Cybersecurity scenario, to train and test Cybersecurity defenders for “real-life” attacks or to anticipate and initiate offensive cyber operations.