The Milkor high-speed interceptor craft is a 12m stepped hull, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran design with lightweight composite structure and a reduced radar signature. Designed and configured for multi-role operations, it is ideally suited for long endurance missions. The command and control bridge is shock-mitigated, ballistic-protected and airconditioned able to house the crew in safety and comfort. The high-speed interceptor craft houses an array of surveillance equipment, communications equipment and weapons giving it a full spectrum of capabilities for any inshore or offshore operation. Milkor designs, manufactures and offers after sales service for Naval and Commercial requirements.

MN centurion sea-small

The Hull

The high-speed interceptor craft with its hydrofoil-assisted stepped hull design is able to achieve a high interception speed whilst retaining stability and control. This design also enables a high lift to drag ratio at top speed increasing fuel efficiency and endurance.

Communications and Surveillance

The high-speed interceptor craft command and control bridge houses world class communications and surveillance equipment, along with its reduced radar signature hull, giving this craft the advantage for surveillance patrol, counter-piracy, and asset protection missions.

Command and Control Bridge

The command and control bridge remains the heart of this craft providing the comfort of an airconditioned shock-mitigated cabin for rough conditions. With ballistic protection and armoured glass, the crew is able to remain secure under threat allowing full attentiveness to the mission.

Additional Features

  • Configurable aft deck space
  • Can be configured for Personnel transport and deployment
  • Configured to operate as an unmanned surface vehicle (USV )


HullMaterialFibre reinforced composite
 Length over all12m (40ft)
 Displacement10 000 kg
 Fuel capacity2400 kg
 Fresh water capacity500 litres
Maximum RangeOver all700 NM
Maximum EnduranceOver all5 days
PropulsionOption 1: 440HP diesel inboard engines2
 Option 2: 350HP outboard engines2
PerformanceTop speed54 kts
 Typical Cruise30-40 kts
 Loiter7 kts
CrewPilot/Helmsman station1
 Coms/Navigator station1
 Standby/Weapons control station2
AccommodationHot-bunking sleeping berths2
 Head and shower1
Weapons40mm radar guided automatic grenade launcher1
 20mm remotely operated stabilised cannon1
 Optional radar guided missiles4
Nautical equipmentChirp radar1
 Automatic identification system (AIS)1
 Global positioning system (GPS)1
Surveillance equipmentStabilised EO/IR Gimbal1
CommunicationsVery high frequency (VHF) radio1
 Single-sideband modulation (SSB) radio1