Eurosatory 2018

South African company Milkor will unveil prototypes of its 4×4 multirole armoured vehicle, MN Centurion high-speed interceptor craft and MA 380 unmanned aerial system (UAS) at this year’s Africa Aerospace

Milkor introduces 4×4 armoured vehicle at DSA

The South African Company Milkor designer and manufacturer of the hand held 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher weapon systems expand its defense activities with the launch of new 4×4 armoured vehicle

DSA 2018: Milkor unveils MA 80/380 UAS

The South-African company Milkor chose DSA to officially unveil a new family of Unmanned Aerial Systems, the MA 80 and the bigger MA 380. Both are “a new breed of

DSA 2018: MILKOR Unveils MN Centurion Interceptor

At DSA 2018, the tri-service defence exhibition currently held in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, South African company MILKOR unveiled its MN Centurion high-speed interceptor craft. DSA 2018 South Africas MILKOR

Milkor AGL shows its class at Infantry School

The Milkor 40mmAGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher) which shoots out to an effective distance of 2000m and a cyclic Rate of between 350 – 550 rounds per minute showed its simplicity,

Promoting new products at DSA

Milkor, diversifying from its history as a supplier of 40 mm grenade launchers, is promoting its MN Centurion patrol boat at DSA 2018 in Malaysia as well as its new