Design and manufacturing experience of over 36 years gives us the leading edge of being able to determine the needs for differentiated land systems, defence solutions within each respective country. Specializing in Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s) 4×4 our aim is to improve the capabilities of ground forces not limited to only military usage.

 We supply Turrets that can be designed and fitted to each personal preference, ordered APC. Our Engineers have a combined experience of over 36years within the defence industry, that allow for proven and tested reliability and capability within the addition of new technological advancements. Milkor’s Land System gets manufactured to the specification that gets tailored to each precise specification to accompany the need of every customer. This unique offering gives the end user the ability to build a solution to suit their distinctive specific needs.



Used as  Armoured personnel carrier, command unit, ambulance, police
Tare mass  9500 kg
GVM  15000 kg
Power  179 kW
Power/weight ratio  17 kW/t
Speed  110 km/h
Range  1000 km
Seating Capacity 8 + 2
Protection Level B7, mine protection
Armament Remote weapon station with AGL or 0,5 caliber M2 with smoke grenades