Milkor is a South African defence company which was established in 1981 as an original designer and manufacturer of
the hand held 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher weapon systems. Over the past 36 years, Milkor has supplied in excess
of 60,000 weapons to more than 60 countries worldwide to military and law enforcement ranging for lethal to less-lethal.

Milkor’s vision is to be a developer and supplier of a wide range of defence and security products. Our current product
range includes the design and build of armoured vehicles, patrol boats, unmanned aerial systems, cyber security solutions,
and weapon systems.

We offer world class land capabilities tailored to the different specifcations and needs of each project. Specializing but
not limited to providing Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s), weapon stations, intelligence solutions.

Milkor designs, manufactures and offers after sales service for Naval and Commercial requirements.

Milkor’s aeronautical engineers’ experience and ingenuity have allowed for a UAV combined with a UAS that utilises
industry leading technologies that offers solutions to suit your specifc needs of Aeronautic forces worldwide.

We use highly integrated technology to detect the smallest breach in cyber activity within an organisation, regarding both
internal and external threats. The software solutions that we offer are recognised worldwide, our specialist security team
works closely with our customers to establish and maintain information security by identifying, managing and controlling

Milkor is internationally known for its 40mm Multiple Grenade Launchers (MGL’s) which are used in more than 60 countries
worldwide. The production of these weapons will always be an integral part of our company’s success.


  • Adheres to local and international codes of conduct
  • ISO 9001:2008 certifed
  • Best-of-breed status
  • Performance driven designs
  • Milkor products have a reputation for toughness and reliability
  • The R&D section is constantly advancing new products
  • After-sale support and training
  • Thorough and stringent quality control tests
  • A member of the South African Aerospace Maritime & defence association (AMD)