AIR Systems

The Milkor Surveillance UAS is the cutting edge system for airborne situational awareness and reconnaissance. The UAS is a turnkey product incorporating a significant payload capacity with efficient operation for long range and long endurance missions. The UAS is equipped to carry the world leader in optical imagery equipment providing real-time high definition, infrared and multispectral video data acquisition transmitted to remote receivers. This coupled with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) makes the platform a formidable all weather solution. The flight control system and autonomous optical sensor payload provide for fully autonomous missions including autonomous take-off and landing capabilities. A payload bay is also provided to installed customer specific payloads including Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) equipment.
uas systems


The Airframe

The unmanned aerial vehicle is a low wing T-tail design with, low-drag, low wing loading and retractable landing gear for maximum performance and efficiency. The latest technology rotary engine provides fuel efficiency increasing the systems endurance and range capabilities.


The UAS is equipped with dual redundant Line of Sight Communications (LOSCom) equipment that maintains contact with the control unit up to 250km. In addition the UAS is fitted with a dual redundant Non-LOS Satellite Communications (SatCom) payload providing exceptional satellite link coverage over most of the earth. The link is managed to provide a seamless LOSCom to SatCom transition and bandwidth management to reduce operating costs. This dual system means the maximum range of the UAS is limited only by the quantity of fuel installed on take-off.

The Ground Control Station

The Ground Control Station is the command, control and payload interface between the ground mission control crew and the UAS. The Ground Control Station is fully integrated to perform mission planning and simulation, UAS control and monitoring, Communications control and Payload Control

System Features

  • Dual Mission Payload Control  (up to 6 UAV’s)
  • Manual and full autonomous flight capability
  • Manual and fully autonomous payload capability
  • Line of Sight Communications
  • Satellite Communications
  • Dual Mission Payload Control
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • EO/IR Gimbal up to 450mm diameter
  • Optional Laser Designator ad/or Laser Illuminator
  • Optional Integration of Customer Intelligence Payloads
  • Brake-assisted landing and ground operation
  • ITAR Free