The Milkor 37/38mm Multiple Anti Riot (MAR) is a lightweight shoulder fired 6-shot launcher. The MAR is a derivative of the ever popular Milkor 40mm MGL, adapted to fire the standard 37/38mm less lethal riot control rounds available today.

Caliber & Rounds: 40mm Smokeless rounds (not compatible with Black Powder Rounds)
Type: Multi-Shot Revolver
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Firing Method: Semi-Automatic
Practical Firing Rate: 6 Rounds in 3 Seconds
Barrel Type: Progressive with 1 in 1200mm final twist
Overall length (Butt extended / retracted):765mm / 685mm
Weight (empty): 5.92kg without quad Picatinny 6.27kg with quad Picatinny
Effective Range: 375m
Picatinny Rail: Standard configuration ships with 1 x rail for easy sight mounting
Standard Sight: Milkor OEG or Reflex Sight
Height (with / without sight) *sight dependable: 275mm / 207mm
Width: 163mm