Cash in Transit Vehicle

The KF46T is a 4×4 Cash in Transit vehicle. The Kf46 was designed and produced for a specific need in Nigeria. The KF46 is built on a TATA 4×4 chassis.
The vehicle is built with a very high level of ballistic protection (B7+) and with high maneuverability in mind.
The KF46 lends itself to be used as either a high value carrier or light patrol vehicle.

Technical Specifications

Make Cummings GBT-5.9TC
Type Turbo Intercooler
Cylinders In-line 6
Displacement 5883cc
Power 89KW @ 2500rpm
Torque 400 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Coolant Liquid pump driven circulation
Fuel Diesel
Type Four stroke turbo inter-cooler
Type  Mercedes equivalent GBS 40
No. of Gears 5 forward and 1 reverse
Transfer Case High -1.05 / Low – 1.6
Front Semi elliptic leaf springs with anti-roll bar
Rear Semi elliptic leaf springs with anti-roll bar
Front Axle Capacity 7,000kg
Rear Axle Capacity 5,000kg
Type Power assisted RHD or LHD
Parking brake Spring actuated parking brake
Auxiliary Exhaust
Front & Rear Dual air over hydraulic
Type 12V 180 Ah 12V
Mine protection on wheels. Center mine protection with added protection as option.

Standard 7.62 x 54 API
Pricing POA
Lead Time 4 months then up to 4 units per day