Presenting the latest in a trusted family of 40mm Grenade Launchers, Milkor unleashes the new 40mm Super Six MRGL, a versatile sixth generation 6-shot launcher with different options of cylinder length. A wide variety of 40mm ammunition can be fired from the SuperSix platform. Effective range includes all existing low- and medium velocity ammunition. Rounds can be fired in rapid succession of 6 rounds in less than 3 seconds (operator dependant). Standard 6-shot area coverage of at least 20m x 60m. The SuperSix is manufactured from Mil Standard materials to endure most severe battlefield conditions.

The SuperSix offers the most effective multi-shot handheld fire power available to the modern soldier for commanding the battle field in any combat scenario. Ideally designed for use by armed forces where extreme versatility is needed in a live combat or peacekeeping environment. Rapid-moving armoured personnel carriers, helicopter gunships and patrol boats can easily be fitted with the SuperSix too. The SuperSix is capable of firing a wide range of standard and medium velocity munitions, which enables the user to engage a wider range of targets than possible with a standard 40mm launcher.

Caliber & Rounds: 40mm Standard and medium velocity rounds
Type: Multi-shot Semi-Automatic revolving action
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Firing Method: Semi-Automatic
Practical Firing Rate: 6 Rounds in 3 Seconds
Barrel Type: Progressive with 1 in 1200mm final twist
Overall length (Butt extended / retracted):805mm / 725mm
Weight (empty): 5.3kg (sight and butt stock dependent)
Effective Range: 800m (During tests the SuperSix MRGL has fired in excess of 1200 meters)
Picatinny Rail: Standard configuration Quad rail can be fitted as per customer requirement.
Standard Sight: Several options available as per customer request
Height (with / without sight) *sight dependable: 275mm / 207mm
Width: 163mm