Milkor can supply the users of its 37/38 and 40mm weapons with a wide range of specialised accessories such as battle jackets, weapon mounts, sights, operator’s maintenance tools, support equipment, holsters, workshop maintenance tools and gauges.

The Milkor 37/38 & 40mm Stopper Convertible is an extremely lightweight single shot break-open weapon designed to give optimum performance utilising a variety of 37/38 Less Lethal or 40mm Less Lethal and Lethal rounds. As a security or assault weapon, it can be fired from the shoulder or like a pistol out of the hand. The weapon is extremely simple to operate and all metal surfaces are treated with a coating for corrosion protection plus long-life dry film lubrication. It is a conventional single shot, break-open weapon with a unique floating firing pin mechanism that ensures safety when accidently dropped. The components of the weapon are interchangeable, providing a wide range of applications ranging from Less Lethal 37/38mm to a 40mm Lethal weapon.

Caliber & Rounds: 37/38 or 40mm Smokeless rounds and Black Powder Rounds
Type: Single Round Break-open weapon
Capacity: 1 Round
Firing Method: Compress pin action
Practical Firing Rate: 12 Rounds per minute
Barrel Type: 37/38mm – Smooth bore, 40mm – Rifled Overall length (Butt extended / retracted):635mm / 565mm Weight (empty): 1,32kg (Aluminum) 2kg (Aluminum with butt stock) 0,38kg (Aluminum barrel) 0,68kg (Butt stock)
Effective Range: 375m
Picatinny Rail: Not Applicable
Standard Sight: Not Applicable
Height: 165m
Width: 65m